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Burn FA to the Ground and Shit On Its Ashes: I’m Gone

Originally posted here. Only a matter of time before it gets removed from Fur Affinity.

Like so many others, I’m abandoning Fur Affinity in favour of sites that aren’t staffed by people who are total garbage. You can find me here:



I can’t be associated with this travesty. I mean, I’ve got standards, for fuck’s sake. This is the latest of a long line of immoral and illegal bullshit brought on by FA’s staff. A lot of others who have left have tiptoed around the issue, but fuck that, I’m righteously pissed-off and calling directly it as it is.

How the sweet fuck could anyone think bringing Zaush, a known rapist, onto Fur Affinity’s staff was a good idea? Aside from the shameful PR nightmare, how fucking immoral is that? What the hell is going through Dragoneer’s mind? “Hey, not only am I going to dissuade you from talking about being raped, I’m going to make the person who has victimized you and numersous other users of our site with his sexual predation into key staff! Remember that competent team that’s handling the site code? I sure don’t, so he can have their job.”

Now some of you might object to what I’ve just said for some stupid reason. I originally wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I’ve seen some of the most god-damned idiotic people spewing their shitty opinions onto this fiasco over the past few days, so I’m going to nip this shit in the bud before it even blooms:

"Where is the proof that the victim was actually raped?"


And here:

Dragoneer: “Did he pressure? Yes, but the person said no and did the respectful thing and stood their ground.”
Zaush: “Classic case of the girl getting what she wants, then twisting the circumstances to clear her guilt.”

In other words, Dragoneer confirms that the victim said no, and Zaush confirms that he fucked her anyway. And now they’re buddies running the site that hosts your gallery and is a major hub of your socialization.

Dragoneer has actively supported Zaush while claiming a stance of neutrality. He advised the victim to not draw a lot of attention to what Zaush did, and then defends Zaush with points that are contradictory to Zaush’s own story. Zaush says she wanted it; the victim said she didn’t want it; and Dragoneer reiterates that she said didn’t want it, but somehow pulls the doublethink that what happened was somehow not rape. Sex without enthusiastic, continuous consent is rape.

Check this too:

Numerous people, including Dragoneer’s own girlfriend, also confirmed from first-hand accounts that this behaviour is not an isolated incident but is entirely in-line with how Zaush is known to behave.

"Dragoneer aided a sexual predator?"

It’s nothing new from him:

Remember the disgusting instance where he helped shelter a zoophile from investigation? He’s aided someone who has perpetrated sexual animal abuse, put Chase the dogfucker in charge of the forums, and now has put a rapist (one who targets humans this time) in charge of coding the site. What a fucking champ.

"Why wasn’t Zaush convicted? The victim should have done [insert bullshit specualation here]."

Aside from the previously-mentioned dissuasion, Vaerinn said it well, while educating someone: “You realize that only a meagre 3% of ACTUAL rapes ever lead to a jail sentence, and only 40% of ACTUAL rapes are ever reported at all, right? And that both men and women are raped, and suffer, and get walked over by the justice system and a society that would rather blame rape on the victims regardless of their gender? Have you actually done any reading and taken a good look at the actual statistics and studies on all this? Because let me tell you, no one gave a shit when I was raped, and all I got was hostility and accusations that I’m a whore that can’t keep her legs together.
Actually do your research before you go spouting off your ignorance on a subject. Research on both the current drama here, and the wider societal issues surrounding rape and sexism as a whole. “

Even if we lived in some crazy fucking parallel universe where this was all made-up and Zaush turned out to be a stand-up model citizen, there’s no way you can dispute Dragoneer’s immoral and borderline-illegal behaviour. There’s no god damn way you can possibly believe letting him have any position of power on the site where his crimes are well-known and his victims browse was a good idea. It’s evil or idiotic or probably both.

As someone who’s been sexually assaulted and had nearly nobody take it seriously, it drives me up the fucking wall to have struggle to hammer this simple concept through the unbelievably thick skulls of apathetic rape-apologists around here.

To read more about rape survival, check Vaerinn’s first-hand account:

"Isn’t this just furry drama? Why should I care?"

This isn’t some trivial shit, like if Dragoneer brought on board someone who wore socks and sandals together. He’s given a position of power and prestige to someone who fucks people without their consent. Not only do most rapists never face justice, you now have one on staff here. That shit is not trivial.

As I write this, there are over eleven-thousand users online. The furry fandom is immensely large, and by far its most popular gallery site is Fur Affinity — a site staffed by sexual predators and the people who shield them.
Fur Affinity is the most major hub of art, socialization, and business for the furry fandom. It’s an immensely-important site to many people, one that is constantly used. I know people who want so badly to burn their bridges here after becoming aware of the disgusting behaviour of those in charge, but in doing so, they risk losing some clientele and not being able to pay the rent — but many of them are risking it anyway, because their dignity is worth more. This is all because of the monsters who hold the power in this community, the ones who represent you.
Where is your sense of shame?

"Why have some people been reluctant to openly discuss this?"

This is why:

They’re being censored, which is nothing new. Moderator are hiding comments and suspending accounts of people who raise criticism. Apparently it’s a faux pas to call a rapist for what he is. I’ve got nothing to lose.

The staff has a history of siding with perpetrators. I’d show you, but this happened:

"How does this affect the functionality of the site?"

See here:

Dragoneer gave the boot to a competent team in favour of Zaush, whose management skills are junk and expertise is questionable.

Plus, consider this quote from Adri of the Dead: “The amount of people saying they’d be comfortable with a criminal (whether convicted or not) overhauling the website’s code and potentially handling their personal account information is GREATLY disturbing to me.”

He’s not supposed to have access to that stuff, you say? You do know the staff can see your notes, right? Zaush has a proven history of being a manipulative piece of shit who doesn’t respect boundaries. Plus, who the fuck doesn’t have access to your information on FA? The whole reason any of this came to light was because of the notes being leaked.

This website runs like a rusted jalopy compared to the sleek sports car that is Weasyl. With the shitty judgment and behaviour you’ve seen from the people in charge so far, do you really have confidence in them taking care of the site that you use for your art, socialization, and personal information?

"This is crazy and I want to leave, but I’m afraid of losing my fanbase."

Gerrark covered this well: “With all this talk of “I hope this is the tipping point that finally kills FA” and “I hope I can finally do art somewhere else,” I feel there’s a few things to remember:

1. Do not let fans dictate what you can and can’t do. Very easy to say, and less easy to practice I know, especially if you do rely on furries and the like for income. Nevertheless, remember, they were there for you in the first place, to enjoy what you have to offer, to consume the fruits of your expression. In the end, they’ll go where you, the creators, go. And if they don’t, well, I hope that they enjoy not seeing your stuff anymore out of pointless stubbornness.

2. Even if a significant chunk of fans are lost from a migration, there’s always more to be had. When was the last time you thought to yourself “Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve seen new faces in this fandom” or anything of the sort? Because that’s frankly not something I’ve ever found myself saying. Yeah it can be scary to lose a few fans, especially if you needed their support—But there is more, and will always be more.

3. Finally, even if this doesn’t “kill FA,” who cares? Like, seriously, why would we care what goes on in that website? There’s thousands, if not millions of furries and people who love what furries do out there. To think that the community is so small and so stubborn that it couldn’t support several different communities and art sites is not only myopic, it’s pretty clearly not true. … Heck, I’ve met plenty of furries I never even knew existed through [other websites], and I’m sure you have too.

So move your stuff over to new websites, try out new avenues, and be in places where YOU are comfortable. Don’t settle just because other people are doing so.”

"Shouldn’t people just calm down and carry on?"

That attitude is problematic. The staff here has been pulling so much bullshit for so long, including sheltering animal abusers, stealing art from people*, censoring their critics, aiding stalkers, breaking repeated promises to the users, and not only protecting a rapist but giving him a position of power and prestige to sate his ego while giving the boot to a more competent team of developers. On top of that, the victim’s claims are being dismissed as false or unprovable by so many awful people despite evidence and testimonies towards their veracity, or saying that it doesn’t even matter. By broadcasting this awful attitude, you’re allowing evil to flourish.

Not calling people out on their shitty behaviour is standard-operating-procedure for a lot of people, which sucks in itself, but don’t tell people to calm down! There isn’t nearly enough collective fury for this bullshit yet.

*For an example of the staff stealing art, check Kittiara’s going-away journal:

"Maybe Zaush wants to forget about this and move on."

Yes, that’s an actual comment someone spewed out. The fucking perpetrator is not the one who gets the luxury of choosing to move on! That’s for the victim to do. Unfortunately, this whole thing is shedding a light on the event again, but it wouldn’t have happened had Dragoneer not become buddy-buddy with Zaush and put him in charge of recoding the fucking site.

If you think like this, an anonymous friend summed it up best: “This is literally the worst thing to do in this situation. It is called rape apology. Innocent or guilty, know here and now, that you are a bad person, deep down in your ignorant soul, for suggesting it.”

"I’m a moderator and I’m about to censor this."

It’s like trying to stop a breaking dam by patching it with chewing gum. The word is already out there and in more places than you have reach. But stop for a moment, rub two fucking braincells together, and think — really think — after all the shit that has gone down, the leaks, the animal abuse, the rape, the censorship, the broken promises, the poor management, the general abuse of power — are these monsters really the people you want to be aiding? Is that the team you want to be on?

If you really like your job as a moderator, come to Weasyl and apply to be a moderator there. They’re hiring.

"None of this bothers me. I’m an ignorant piece of garbage who’s perfectly okay with having criminals and sexual predators in charge of my gallery and personal information. I don’t care who they hurt, so long as I still have a constant source of pony porn and dog dicks!"

Then you’re fucked beyond help. See here:

"I’m Dragoneer/Zaush!"

Your actions are inexcusable and should be ashamed to the core.

This whole Project Phoenix garbage has been disgusting, but at least it’s helped bring to light more of the awful behaviour of the people in charge around here. As Squiddy said, “You can’t be reborn a phoenix without first dying in a blaze of fire. At least you got the first step right, guys.”

See you all on Weasyl, my friends.

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